The Kalderian Kingdom (or Kaldor) was once a powerhouse of trade, learning, magic, and social freedom. Immense wealth traveled from all over the world into Shadow Harbor’s magnificent port, and military might traveled freely and quickly east and west along the mighty Aravandul River.

As with most things on Ketheria, the Titanswar changed all that. Eastern Kaldor remains strong, but essentially land-locked. Western Kalderia is now a backwater kingdom.

In Western Kaldor, at the mouth of the wide Aravandul River, sits Highriver, a point of civilized light some 100 miles from the nearest large city. Over five hundred years have passed since the end of the Titanswar, and the powerful magics that once made it possible to cross the Arvanduil Bar into the Western Sea are long gone. No longer a powerhouse of trade, Highriver sits alone in the wilderness without interference or assistance from the kingdom it once financed.

Numerous small villages and thorpes dot the countryside, mostly on the rubble of once-larger villages, with Highriver serving as trade depot and protector. The last of the wars waged to the north with cultists dedicated to their dead titan masters are only decades old and the scattered host of goblins, orcs and other titanspawn hold many woods and ruins to this day.


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