The Ivinian Kingdom lies far north from Western Kaldor, shivering and oppressed.

Ivinians are a race of seafaring Northmen who marched south after the chaos of the Titanswar. They tend to be tall, with light hair and eyes, and warlike, taking to the sport of “viking” for loot and pillage. They are also, surprisingly, extremely shrewd and capable traders; their dragonships once plied every portion of the known world.

Currently, Ivinians are concentrated in the Kingdom of Geldeheim in the north of Kaldor at Glimmer Bay, where the influence of Kaldor and the civilizing forces of a cultural dawn has softened their outlook somewhat.

In Ketheria, the Ivinian Conquest of 202-205 CY is not forgotten, but three hundred years of (military) peace followed by full alliance at the Battle of the Black Sepulchre in 569 has eased most wounds. Ketherians are quite likely to have Ivinian blood and there are longhouses filled with blond, blue-eyes families that consider themselves Kaldoran to the bone.


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