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  • Ulfgar Ungart

    Bond: Bring wrath upon those who prey on the innocent Flaw: No Mercy for those who prey on the innocent Trait: Stubborn Ideals: Redemption through work Intimidation & Persuasion, survival, stonecunning. Chain mail, chain flail, shrunken orc …

  • Khech

    Bond: Don’t mess with wilderness Flaw: Only the strong should thrive Trait: Comfortable around animals not people Ideal: All about change Animal Handling, Athletics, Nature, Survival

  • Dentch

    Bond: Protect those who can’t protect themselves: Flaw: Daddy issues/hate orcs Trait: Responds to calls for help Ideals: There is no good in pretending to be something you’re not Intimidation, Animal Handling, Athletics, Survival, …

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