Ryavia 'Via' Cendrillion

Elf Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodlines)



Nature +6
Religion +6
Insight +3
Medicine +3
Perception +3
Deception +3
Arcana +6


Ryavia has lived a sheltered life for as long as she can remember. Her parents locked her away in a small wing of the castle with only family and one servant allowed in and out. She spent much of her time among the dusty books growing up, discarded and forgotten much like herself. She had only 4 friends there; a little fox named Dakari who she constantly found sneaking into her bedroom and eating the food she didn’t finish and curling up next to her, the servant girl who brought her food (and quite fancied Via’s magic), her elder brother Marux, and her niece Amabella.

Via was estranged from her family, most of them feared her abilities. Her Mother and Father pretended she didn’t exist and most of her siblings were terrified of her. The only 2 members of her family that visited were her niece and her elder brother. Marux was always kind to her, when she was little she would curl up in his lap as he told her about his day and funny little stories of his adventures. He cared for her very much, but even he was wary around her sometimes.

Via had very… unique abilities, as Marux called them. She was raised being told that should anyone outside the family and her servant find out about about her abilities that they would kill her. Magic frightened people. She only knew how to do a few things, small amounts of fire and what not, and she didn’t know quite how to control all of it. But the overall rule was she was never to do it. Of course, she was still but a child by elvish standards, and the magic interested her.

It was quite a shocking event that lead her to her new exciting life outside of her home. The girl who normally brought her food had fallen ill and Via was none the wiser. So when food time came, she became rather mischievous and just as this woman walked in, whom she thought was her friend, and sent fire zipping right past her head and into the wall beyond. The woman was so shocked and frightened she dropped the platter and ran. Via didn’t quite understand what had happened, as it all happened so fast, and she just sat there confused for a touch before going about her day as normal.

She was sitting in the library that evening, curled up in the window nook reading a book with Dakari curled up in her lap sleeping, when Marux came rushing in. He grabbed her arm and, without saying a word, dragged her out to the back where Ama and a large bag of her belongings were waiting. He told her that she was to flee, get as far away from home as she could manage. He thrust a small bag into her hands, something to remember home with, hugged her tightly, and then pushed her out into the dark.

Ama and Via ran that night, as far as they could. Neither of them quite knew where they were headed, just ran in one direction until they couldn’t possibly run any longer. When Via realized that Dakari wasn’t with her she broke down and sobbed for hours, Ama had to force her to get up and continue on. It took them 9 days of aimless wondering before they came upon the small, shambling town of Phandalin. There they met Rowan, Priest of Eldath.

They used most of the money that they had received from their family to purchase a small dwelling in town. Via took to training with the priest, learning to control her abilities, in secret of course. She spent much of her time reading books, much of what was available here was new to her, as at home the only books allowed in the house were ones written by elven scholars. She spent hours pouring over books by adventurers and alchemists and the like.

When Ragnar and Gossac first came to town and offered to whisk her away into an adventure like the ones she’d read about it was the most magical day of her life, knowing little of what actually awaited ahead of her on the road…

Ryavia 'Via' Cendrillion

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