Human Cleric of Eldath (Heal Domain)


Rowan is tall, muscular, with long hair (Pulled back in a pony-tail) and a short cropped goatee. He wears the priestly robes of Eldath over his Chain Mail armor. On his Tower Shield he has the image of the flowing waterfall.

Insight +6
Medicine +6
Perception +11


Once, long ago, during the Battle of the Black Sepulchre, a soldier named Rowan was very seriously wounded. During one of the last crucial battles, Rowan, with the help of his entire squad, was able to hold off a very large overwhelming force, at the cost of every other person in that very squad. Left for dead on the battlefield, behind enemy lines, and feeling the rattling of his last breath, he was saved by a healer, a priest of Eldath, who had been separated from his own squad and found him by accident; The priest was looking for a place to hide and stumbled across Rowan. He dragged Rowan into a hidey-hole and hid there for the night while using what little healing power he had left to help Rowan.
Once Rowan was able to walk again he defended the poor healer until they reached the front lines again. As they were making their way towards what looked like a friendly camp, the priest was cut down by a booby-trap leaving Rowan alone and battle weary. What Rowan saw after that changed something inside him. He no longer had a lust for battle. He swore that he would dedicate his life to the church and become a healer, not a destroyer.
After many years in service to the church, Rowan was given the task of care taking a small Shrine setup in the village of Phandalin.


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