Stillwater is a small village of questionable reputation that lies across the wide Aravanduil from Highriver. Local rumors hold that Stillwater is a haven for those of shadowy character and poor morals. The people say that only brigands, smugglers, pirates and thieves make it their home, or at least a frequent stopping point when they want a break from their nefarious activities. It’s certainly not regarded as a holiday destination spot.

Stillwater can be reached from Highriver by boat, passing along the ruins of the Northgate Bridge, destroyed in the Titanswar.

Stillwater began as a supplimental port for Highriver trade. Lack of oversight led to it’s slide into lawlessness, culminating in it’s overt participation in the events of 569 CY

It’s few remaining denizens leave Highriver alone and Highriver is content to ignore it’s presence.


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