Order of Morningsky
The Order of Morningsky is a quasi-religious military organization operating across the ruins of post-apocalypse Kethria, with its roots stemming from the Kalderian military from before the Great War.
Formed after the Battle of Morningsky in 569 CY, the Order worked to keep magic dead, where it belongs. Since The Awakening in 575, the Order now includes clerical spellcasters and is reputed to employ one or more wizards who align with the notion that magic is too dangerous to be placed in the hands of the common people. Even with the new “enlightenment”, sorcerers are still Titanspawn and Druids only barely tolerated.

Pros: Will ride into battle, save the town from marauding orcs, pay their own bar tabs, and sell a few potions & scrolls.
Cons: Will confiscate all the “real” magic items and burn the party sorcerer at the stake.

Surtur’s Chosen
The Chosen are first and foremost a slave army, the sole owner of which is Sinmara, an autocratic, ultra-reactionary totalitarian slaver rumored to be half fire giant. As she conquers the peoples of the lost world, she strips them of their tribal identities and merges them into her forces. There is no other tribe than “The Chosen.”
Pros: Those were the pros.
Cons: Death cult planning to win at Ragnarok.

The Lord’s Alliance
The Lords’ Alliance is a coalition of rulers from cities and towns across Kalderia, who collectively agree that some solidarity is needed to keep evil at bay. The rulers of Shadow Harbour, Highriver, Phandalen, and other free cities in the region dominate the Alliance, and every lord in the Alliance works for the fate and fortune of his or her own settlement above all others. The agents are chosen primarily for their loyalty, and are trained in observation, stealth, innuendo, and combat. Backed by the wealthy and the privileged, they carry quality equipment (often disguised to appear common), and spellcasters tend to have a large number of scrolls with communication spells.
Pros: Goals are in alignment with a return to civilization.
Cons: Methods seem underhanded and often times too political.


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