Resting in a natural cove along a cliff-lined portion of Aravandul’s southern bank, Highriver is a medium-sized city that exemplifies the diverse people of Western Kalderia. Many miles from the city of Shadow Harbor and technically under its rule, Highriver benefits from its isolated position in its ability to remain fairly independent.

The most striking feature of Highriver is the ruined Northgate Bridge, rising from the hills behind the city and immediately dropping to rubble- a once mighty span that connected the northern and southern banks of the great Aravandul River a final time before running out to sea. Fully 4 miles across, it was a wonder of the ancient world and an artifact of a time before the Titanswar, its great stone and marble columns slowly erodes in the stretch, rendering the once great river port’s harbor nearly moot.

Population 1,240 (1,116 humans, 37 halflings, 25 elves, 24 dwarves, 13 gnomes, 13 half-elves, 12 half-orcs)

While technically a holding of Shadow Harbor, Highriver’s isolated nature provides it a sizable amount of independence. The town is governed by a mayor (currently Kendra Deverin) but the four founding families of Highriver still hold considerable influence, if not politically then economically.


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