These small, nimble humanoids tend to stick to cities and the rural areas surrounding them. Because of their petite size, they have endeavored to blend in with the locals wherever they can, often considered equals in trade or craft. Lightfoots are most comfortable living alongside other cultures, even adopting their cultural practices, right down to their deities.

Culturally they are a fun-loving, family-centric group. Youngsters are encouraged to learn and make better of themselves than their elders, so as to make progress for the whole of Halfling-kind.

They have a fashion sense all their own, with both men and women sporting wonderful kilts, typically indicating their clan or family group, with whimsical or formal variations as the situation calls for or as the mood strikes. Cloth tartans are common, with leather varieties in vogue among the more adventuresome types.

lightfoot.jpgLightfoots are by nature wanderers and so can rarely be found tied down to one place for very long. Typically, lightfoot halfling clans move from one area to another rapidly, staying in one place rarely more than a year or two. There are exception to this rule, however, and in spite of their curiosity and adventurousness some halflings are drawn to settle more permanently in some foreign land, usually human. Still, it cannot truly be said that lightfoot halflings have any land of their own; instead, they call the whole world their home.


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