The Druid cults of Kethria are unusual in that, instead of a deity that hears worshipers, they observe Titan epochs. When it was the epoch of Mormo the Serpent Queen, the land writhed with scaled folk and venom. When Mesos was ascendant, his druids wielded Spellfire, the very essense of sorcery. With Denev’s survival, druidcraft is tied to the four elements of Kethria, and the plants and animals of “the green”.

It would not be inappropriate to imagine druids as afflicted, pitiable and choiceless in their ability to perceive and manipulate the ley lines of Kethria. No different from the hapless titanspawn-touched sorcerers and warlocks that appear from time to time. It would be foolish though, to suggest this to most druids.

Instead, the Druids of Kethria have Traditions. Organizations built around great Druidic teachers, like Meilikki or Sylvanus are common and tend towards philosophical accords and conservatorship. Animism traditions are very common in the wolf and bear cultists in northern Ivinia, and some others recognize the Earthmother through appreciative deities like Eldath and Frey.

It matters not how one comes to serve Denev. As was true with all titans, it may also not matter to Devev. She simply is, and this Epoch is simply hers.


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