“Twas Eldath that cooled Kadum’s volcanoes with soothing mists and waterfalls, Moradin who hammered his bassalt bones to dust, and Tyr, who laid mighty chains around the Mountainshaker, lashing Fenris to the now dormant Titan.”

The Gods were the children of the Titans. It was they who found the spark of life in the tiny lives on and in the world. Where the Titans were capricious and uncaring, their children found much to admire. Even mighty Surtur or Arawn, the Dark Star at least found a source of sustenance. Worship.

All gods of the Norse Pantheon (PH 299) are common in the campaign area, as well as most of the non-human gods (PH 296). All of the Gods play some role in the casting down of the Titans, but the 8 most well-known are the ones most commonly associated with the old tales.

Note: Domains are a strong suggestion, but not absolutes for PC’s (within reason). A sect of Odin worshippers that venerate his Sky God aspect could certainly choose Tempest, for example.

Major Gods
Odin, God of the Sky —NG: Knowledge, War
Moradin Soulforger, God of Dwarves and Smiths —LG: Knowledge
Corellon Larethian, God of Elves, Sunshine, and Magic —CG Light, Life
Forsetti, God of Justice and law—LN: Light
Loki, God of thieves and trickery—CN: Trickery, Death
Surtur the Slaver, God of fire giants and war—LE: Knowledge, War
Hel, Goddess of the underworld —NE: Death, Knowledge
Thrym, God of frost giants and cold—CE: Tempest, War
Denev, the Earth Mother—N: Nature, Life
(Denev Is actually a Titan, but fought alongside the gods in the Titanswar, and can be worshiped as a goddess)

Other Well-Known Deities
Eldath, Goddess of Peace — Life
Frey/Freya, The twin gods of Love, Fertility, and the Sun—NG: Life, Nature
Odin has a dual aspect as the God of Secrets and Prophecy – Knowledge, Trickery

Lesser-Known Deities
Droskar, the dwarven god of Obsession and Perseverance


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