Aravandul River

The Aravandul River and Bar

Because of its unique situation close to the ocean and laced with tall mountain ranges, the Aravandul evolved as one of the great rivers of Kethria in terms of its runoff and the diversity of its habitat. From its headwaters to its mouth, the river drops steadily at a rate of about two feet per mile, and most of its course is through rock-walled canyons. Down these rocky canyons the Aravandul pours prodigious volumes of water into the Western Sea. Much of its volume originates in its middle and upper reaches, in lands held by the northern tribes of Ivinia, and gathers trubute from the eastern Reithel River before coursing through the once great port city of Shadow Harbor. Introduction.jpg

The mighty Aravandul empties into the Western Sea just west of Highriver, over the Aravandul Bar, a shifting sandbar that, when mighty magics were available, made the river’s mouth one of the most hazardous and profitable stretches of water to navigate in the world.

Now, it is completely impassable and no longer drives the engine for one of the greatest economies Ketheria had ever seen. What was once the portal to lands and treasures beyond imagining is now simply known as the “Graveyard of Ships”.

Aravandul River

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