Orcs & Crumpets
A review

The party was drawn together in the wake of orcs rampaging through Cornwell.
Ulfgar, dwarven orc hunter
Khech, human wildling
Dentch, half-orc and semi-famous do-gooder
Morgan, elven ascetic and historian
Nephis, human baker
Conder, halfling priest (NPC)

Orcs_1.jpgThe orcs were tracked to a hillside cave in a low marshy area. Orcs (and a pair of terrified goblin guards) were slain, and a gnomish prisoner discovered – along with giant spiders and more desiccated gnomes. Based on the furnishings, it appeared the orcs had been using this place for a while.

A passage down into a flooded cavern revealed an old crypt with undead guardians, mosaics dedicated to the dead Titan Hrinruuk the Hunter, and a crypt containing some sort of honored orc figure which animated and attacked with amazing speed, wielding an unusual scimitar.

The undead orc slain and scimitar retrieved, the party gathered up the gnome prisoner and goods stolen by the orcs and returned to Cornwell. Upon exit from the cave, the bear trap set by Ulfgar was found to contain a booted orc foot, the blood trail hopelessly washed out in the marsh.

Returning to Cornwell, the rescued gnome revealed himself to be Varan, a member of an expedition party out of Highriver to the west. With assurances of a reward by his employers, the party donated much of their recovered treasure to the rebuilding effort and boarded riverboat for a journey west.

Halfway through the three day trip, the riverboat was stopped by a small caravel operated by the Order of Morningsky, a frequent checkpoint for the knights. Though the party contained at least one member who could be considered Titanspawn (the sorceress) and was in possession of at least one magical item (the scimitar), the dwarf was able to rely on the camaraderie of soldiers and the return of some Order equipment salvaged from the orcs as a distraction. Several hours after sundown of the third day, the party reached Highriver.

Varran turned out to be an agent of the Lord’s Alliance, a coalition of rulers from cities and towns across Kalderia, who collectively agree that some solidarity is needed to keep evil at bay. The promise of a reward was kept, and an offer made; investigate the lands across the Aravanduil River and figure out why these damned orcs keep flooding south – the same errand Varran’s ill-fated group had attempted.

With Nephis returning home and Conder entering service as a cloistered priest, the four prepare to hunt orcs once again.


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