Nyxipip Greengather

Rock Gnome Ranger


…of the highest quality!

Survival +4
Persuasion +3
Perception +4
Investigation +2
Animal Handling +4



Pip was an outlander, a tiny loner in a big world. His parents were killed by those he refers to as death-givers, the scourge of the earth, the ones who bring life back to the dead. When in the presence of Necromancy, Pip has had occasion to lose the control he so carefully keeps. He is extremely intolerant of the undead and will go to any lengths to kill again those unclean vile beings of the underworld.

He made his money doing odd jobs, mostly as a bounty hunter, though an occasional transport mission wasn’t out of the question. He is a natural explorer of the forests. That is where he is most in his element. He can lead you through the worst of forest obstacles and get you safely out on the other side.

He’s had alot to deal with in his life and his belief is that like the seasons change is inevitable. Change is constant and we must change with it or be left behind to suffer. Because of the suffering he’s endured at the hands of men, he is much more comfortable with animals than people.

Nyxipip Greengather

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